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How to join CSS-Babes?

:bulletpink: This group is dedicated to girls who make CSS skins, everyone (even dudes) can join as a basic "MEMBER".

:bulletpink: However, only members who are in the "BABES" category can contribute to the gallery, and only girls can be part of the "BABES".

:bulletpink: To claim this title, the girls that we accept in "BABES" will have to prove that they are really interested in and dedicated to CSS. Meaning that if you require to be a "BABE", you need to have more than two Complete CSS/CSS design in your gallery. (meaning entirely different skins, not variants of the same CSS layout) Your codes will also be verified to make sure it is not stolen/copied from someone else’s code.

Babe of the Month : JessicaDobbs

Fri Jul 3, 2015, 4:00 AM

July 2015 Babe of the Month 

:iconjessicadobbs: JessicaDobbs

Check out the amazing gallery of Jessica Dobbs.  She has some absolutely gorgeous photography, CSS designs, and more.

Rusty Bridge Stock by JessicaDobbs

Sleepy Foxy by JessicaDobbs

Pale by JessicaDobbs

Painted Sky by JessicaDobbs

Graceful Dining by JessicaDobbs

Golden Waterfalls by JessicaDobbs

CleoKatra by JessicaDobbs

Michaela's Skin by JessicaDobbsGreen Bubbles Journal Skin by JessicaDobbsCreeper Journal Skin by JessicaDobbsHere Kitty Kitty Kitty... by JessicaDobbsCool-Photos Brand New Journal Skin by JessicaDobbs

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CSS-Babes affilliates only with other CSS groups and/or groups catering to the dA-related category.


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UszatyArbuz Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015   Digital Artist
Oh, I remember you (group)! I'm intrigued and happy to see you're active again, I also read the journal you've posted about rising the group from ashes... :D
I wonder, what submission limit are you having for the members or Babies?
GillianIvy Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Members can't submit, only Babes can.  There is no limit, it is subject to vote.  And the favorites section should be open to all, I believe.  I made a lot of changes to acceptance options, hopefully I haven't fubared anything too much!  Except one thing :shifty:  shhh!  

So, submit away!  I'll be adding everything from the feature to the favorites section whether or not they are member/babe.  I think things can be submitted to both places?  I have no idea!
UszatyArbuz Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2015   Digital Artist
I see then! So the other Babies vote or co-founders? (I guess "Babies" are like Contributors) I will think about joining but I'm already in like 100 groups :panic: but being on time with the journal articles is pretty tempting... :B

I don't know either, you can try on some deviations :lol:
GillianIvy Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
SuperBabes and Babes all get voting privs and submission privs.  Only SuperBabes are able to post the blogs.  When I get a chance, I'll be adding the featured skins to the faves.  But you can try to add them there if you get to it before I do, you are welcome to.
(1 Reply)
TheRosePrince Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, sorry if this sounds stupid, buuuuut
I've been trying to submit a skin to dA as installable, but when I upload the css dA isn't letting me chose the proper category, only literature related categories ??

I was hoping someone in this group knew how to help me.
I'm sorry if this isn't appropriate to post here, I just want to submit journal skins to my gallery and this is becoming kind of frustrating .n.
poserfan Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015  Professional
Here's a tutorial that should guide you thru the process
The Install Journal .txt file by ginkgografix
TheRosePrince Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks, it works now ^^
Not sure what I was missing in my code, but at least I know what I'm doing now xD
poserfan Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015  Professional
Welcome! :D
RavenluvsSesshomaru Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I wanna submit D:
GillianIvy Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, sorry for the late reply.  In order to submit you must join as a "Babe" level member.  However, to become a "Babe", you need to have more than one Complete CSS/CSS design in your gallery.   Glancing through, I only saw the one, the other seemed to not be submitted properly or incomplete.  If you are seeking help with learning more CSS, you are welcomed to check out the resources we have here and I would recommend a number of other deviantART CSS groups.  deviantCSS , eCSSited , CSS-DYK and journalcss are some of the top groups to find help.  Most of the people in the community are helpful to new coders.  In the meantime, while you build your gallery, you may want to just stay as a member.  This group isn't as active lately, but we're all still here if you poke us.  :D  Many of us are in several of the groups I've mentioned.
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