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CSS Feature #6

Sat Oct 31, 2015, 8:49 AM by poserfan:iconposerfan:

Feature #6 - Halloween

:halloween: revamp Trick or Treat! Give me something good to eat. :pumpkin 
  Pixel Candy Corn Give me candy. Give me cake. :rainbowcake: 
Tiny Candy pop bullet Give me something sweet to take! Yellow Tiny Candy bullet Pink Tiny Candy bullet Blue Tiny Candy bullet

Halloween Journal Skin by MoonZaphireFullMoon Free Journal CSS by SeioraiHalloween Journal Skin by ArtBITSpooky Halloween Journal - Easy.Install by poserfanHalloween 2012: Orange by IkueThis is Halloween Journal CSS by kuschelirmel-stock

Halloween Journal CSS by ClaireLyxaHalloween Skin by NesmatyPumpkin Avenue Journal V2 - Easy.Install by poserfanFree Halloween Journal Skin by CitricLilyHappy Halloween Journal - Easy.Install by poserfanWarm Halloween Journal Skin by TheMaidenInBlack
Halloween Journal by InconcabilleHalloween Journal Skin ~ Premium Content by ClearStyleHappy Halloween by LadJ by endlesssly  halloween journal skin by sergbelHalloween Skin by DIGI-3D

Free to use Spooky Pumpkin Kitty! #CSSFeatureShowcase 

Feature Time! Show us your favourite skins! Whether it be a shameless selfpromotion or your favourite skin - we want to see them!! Thumbshare your top or fav journal skin creations using the hashtag #CSSFeatureShowcase. I'll add them for all to see. :pumpkin

This article will be crossposting to journalcss as well as CSS-Babes. Other journal groups are welcomed to include this in their journals or galleries.  If you wish me to cross-post, I will need blog access to your group.  These will be posted twice a month, at least that's the plan.




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 © CSS JMTH/poserfan

Three Weeks in CSS

Sat Sep 12, 2015, 10:00 PM

Getting a feel for my new schedule and this is what I'll have to do, weekends!  Saturdays for This Week In CSS articles and Sundays for the CSS Challenges.  It will be the only practical way for me.  I'm getting behind and don't like it.  I've been rather sick this week, so just been sleeping.  I slept the whole day on Thursday, I think.  No idea what day it was.  My schedule has gotten all haywire.  I started writing this article last weekend, but really, cannot manage to stay on track.  We've started a low carb diet along with doing all the homeschool thing.  Complete lifestyle change.  Sorry for my absence from the community, I feel like I'm letting you all down by not continuing this on a schedule, perhaps it's mostly letting myself down.  I know how awful I am at deadlines and keeping up with projects.  So, all I can promise is that I'll try.  I know that no one really expects this of me, but it is something I enjoy doing for the CSS community that I love so much.  You guys are all great and I want to continue to support you and encourage everyone to create more skins.

I think I'll group these by weeks rather than by category.

August 21st - 27th

It seems like there were a lot of blue designs this week.  And so many commissions.  Glad to see the CSS business is booming.  Keep up the good work!
F2U | PS6 Splash Journal Skin by 1i0Sleek Literature ~ Free Journal Skin by ClearStyleMLP Midnight Rhapsody Skin by ArcadianPhoenixDerpyKitties Journal Skin by BlockbronyThe Hatter's Tea Party by ShelillaCOM: Paluumin Skin by ArtsyMuffinWater Bunnies Mint Journal skin by Kassandra-21C: Obscenebarbie Simple Journal Skin #3 by MaiyunbbyC: Obscenebarbie Simple Journal Skin #5 by Maiyunbby
Custom CSS for Darkstar-The-Great by A-queenoffairysCustom CSS for yansenwijaya by A-queenoffairysSublime-Feline Commission 2 by MelikeBAt[FREE] Simple Pink Lace Journal Skin by KathleenMitch
AT: Mez DA page by MaiyunbbySublime-Feline Commission 1 by MelikeBAt:COM: scribblin by Metterschlingel

August 28th - September 3rd

An abundance of pinks and greens!  Weird how there seems to be a favorite color theme each week ;D

[PC] Journal skin Roxeu by AoiKun-x3KITTY S CONTEST  SKIN by Sublime-Feline.:Journal:. Heart Shrine Village ~ Usable by YozoraArashiCommission | Chi-Pai Journal Skin by 1i0
GO GREEN EXAMPLE SKIN for daHUB Contest by Sublime-FelineThe Fox and the Rabbit Contest Winners Skin by Sublime-FelineGreen Cubes Journal Skin ~ Premium Content by ClearStyle
Ishihime journal skin by FeliziasSweet Rain Journal Skin by UszatyArbuzWorld of Wildlife Group Faq s SKIN by Sublime-FelineInkalcohol journal skin by UszatyArbuzMachspeed Journal preview by DBluver

September 4th - 12th

Looks like everyone has slowed down a bit, but orange is taking the lead.  Are you feeling the autumn yet?  I love this time of the year.

Soft Pink Gallery CSS by CupcakeyKittenbrubbergum by voxeledphotonButtercup celebrating journal skin by Kassandra-21Splatoon Colour Change Skin - Girl by A-queenoffairysSplatoon Colour Change Skin - Boy by A-queenoffairys
[JOURNAL SKIN] Papagrande de Magico by n4dsHalloween Journal Skin by MoonZaphireAutumn rose Journal Skin by MoonZaphire

Thanks for everyone's patience with me.  I'll try to be more consistent with these.  Looking forward to more wonderful CSS designs every week :love:

Challenge Weeks 13-14

Sun Aug 30, 2015, 11:20 PM

Week of August 24th

Challenge : Monochromatic

:icongillianivy: suggested by GillianIvy 

Cyanotype, selenium and sepia coated coffee stains, black & white and greyscale...  So many shades of monoshade!  Two tone is a favorite of mine, and why not add an extra splash of color?  I've always loved those black & white portraits with a subtle shade thrown in (or not so subtle).  Journal skins designed with a limited color palette tend to look elegant and refined.  Sort of a nod to the classics.  

Sepia Actions by forever-hauntedCyanotype by tlewisSelenium Steam Punk by spritepirateUni Stuff: Cyanotype 2 by Blue-Hearts

Vintage Coffee by coffeenoirKruger Selenium by hydrodjinn

Week of August 31st

Challenge : Back to School

:iconcelvas::iconposerfan: suggested by Celvas & poserfan 

Well, this is ironic...  The reason last week's articles are late is because of this very thing.  I started third grade homeschool on Monday last week and proceeded to be completely exhausted of my will to do things like check my e-mail, write articles, click 'like' on Facebook...  Instead, my minuscule free time I spent watching shows I missed and longing for more free time.  I fantasized about being one of those Moms who drinks wine after school each day as I took a looooong shower.  And no, I don't even really drink.  The last alcohol I had was probably around St. Patrick's Day.  

One of my favorite things about back to school season would be all the supplies.  So many beautiful notebooks and pens!  And things I do not need, but I want them!  So, it is the very first thing I think of.  Images of pens and papers and composition notebooks (why do they all have that marbled cowprint look?), lunchboxes and book bags...  And of course, school buses!  And let's not forget classroom decorations.  So many ideas for journal skins.  

Back To School 80's style by BlueBirdieschool bus by rodiennesMiniature School Supplies by panhead121

School Supplies by ReneeKanaBack to school by Jenya88bus stop by meteor-echo.:School:. by XnubcakeX

Are you headed back to school?


 © CSS JMTH/poserfan
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Their birthday is coming up.  So, be expecting big changes....  I am surprised they are redoing the icons already.  We haven't had these very long and everyone is just now used to it.  Senior and CV haven't changed yet.

But thanks for sharing your fix.  I don't know how the site will look next week.  A mixture of anticipation and fear.  
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And it's a shame because I really liked the old icons, these ones not at all.
GillianIvy Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Frantic fixing is good, helps everyone else who is screaming at the glaring orange that does not match the rest of the site right now and messing up their skin color schemes.  Neutral colors would've been so much better...
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I wonder, what submission limit are you having for the members or Babies?
GillianIvy Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Members can't submit, only Babes can.  There is no limit, it is subject to vote.  And the favorites section should be open to all, I believe.  I made a lot of changes to acceptance options, hopefully I haven't fubared anything too much!  Except one thing :shifty:  shhh!  

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